Hire me.

Stuff I can help you with

  • Implementing DevOps practices in your organization or web app, like CI/CD, automation.
  • Help with Drupal/Django/Python projects
  • Writing Drupal themes from scratch
  • Porting of Drupal modules
  • Writing custom Drupal modules
  • Migrating your webapp to AWS
  • Anything involving Aegir, DIY Drupal hosting solutions and even moving to Acquia/Pantheon.
  • Teaching/training you or your team in any of the above.

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Why should I hire you instead of an agency?

Lot of agencies deliver sub par work, as the specifications go through multiple layers with different technical knowledge. If you hire me, you only talk to me and I deliver the solution first hand without middle men. Also, agencies are known to burn a hole in your pocket.

How much do you charge?

It largely depends on the project and scope of work. We usually go over a series of calls and I'll come back to you with a proposal tailored to your requirements.

Do you work remotely only?

Yes. I've been working remote for most projects and it seems to be faster and efficient for all stakeholders. Its equally easy to keep track of work done using a host of tools available today. I'm open to meeting in person too if you can sponsor my travel.

Will you steal my idea?

No worries, I'll be happy to sign an NDA before we start working.

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