Drupal 8 asset management using libraries.yml

One of the things you are likely to do if you write a custom module or a theme is include third party Javascript and/or CSS assets in it. Previously, this used to be a clumsy hook_library_info() array but is replaced by a YML file in D8. It makes asset management look more organized and easier to edit. Let's see how to do this for the colorbox module.

The new YML file will have the naming convention modulename.libraries.yml.

Developing an admin theme in Drupal

From the very beginning, I used to wonder if there are any fancier alternatives to the "drupal blue" interface we take for granted in Drupal admin themes. I then discovered the best fit(so far) in Rubik. Since Rubik, not much has happened in admin theme space. I'd rate shiny as a close second.

How much effort goes into creating a fancy looking admin theme from scratch? Is it very straight forward and easy?


I wanted to host my blog on a platform which is not tied to a single backend or stack, is dev friendly(git push deploys your app etc) and has a copious free tier. Also, ability to tweak around the look and feel and no-fluff things like markdown were attractive prospects. Openshift seems like a good fit and can't complain so far. Oh, and did I mention its dev-friendly too? Ghost comes to mind when I think of a no-fluff blogging platform.